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10 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for your business

By February 4, 2009 No Comments

Here are ten of my favorite ways to use LinkedIn to leverage for your business:

1. Find “perfect fit” employees with built in reference checking,
2. Find business partners and/or service providers with customer testimonials built into their profiles,
3. Generate territory lists for your sales teams by geography, industry and company size,
4. Identify executives in those lists to whom you can introduce your sales teams via trusted relationships,
5. Enhance web site generated, show generated or purchased lists of leads via trusted introductions into appropriate decision makers in the identified companies,
6. Share business intelligence and news among employees in a controlled collaborative workspace provided by LinkedIn’s Company News feature and/or the partnership between LinkedIn and the Adobe “Huddle Workspaces” application,
7. Scope out your competition via both individual and company profiles,
8. Research company sales targets via LinkedIn’s company profiles which are enhanced via partnerships with Business Week and Capital IQ,
9. Create a sales and marketing intranet in an inexpensive and effective way via integrated applications like My Travel by Trip-It, Google Presentation, Files and SlideShare Presentations, as well as Adobe Huddle,
10. Enhance your company PR and media outreach with such applications as WordPress, Blog Link, LinkedIn’s Polls, and LinkedIn’s Company Buzz, which facilitates integration with Twitter.

What are some of the other ways you use LinkedIn for business (or personal) leverage?