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“Anything You Want” by Derek Sivers

By July 26, 2011 No Comments

Seth Godin recommended this book. Its published by the Domino Project. The Domino Project’s manifesto is that books worth buying are books worth sharing.

In Anything You Want Derek Sivers tells us the story of CD Baby, which he founded and  sold for $22M ten years later. Unlike what most of us would have done with that kind of money, Derek put the proceeds  into a trust , called the Musicians Charitable Remainder Unitrust. When he dies, all of its assets will go to music education. But while he lives, it pays out 5% of its value to him annually.

If that sounds counter-intuitive to you, then you may be surprised by many of Derek’s insights – 40 in all. Or you may not be.

Derek founded CD Baby to help independent musicians publish their songs. The book is about the lessons he learned along the way. There are some really important ones to be found. Read this book if you are an entrepreneur of any kind.

You can buy this book in any almost any media type at Derek’s website – click here. He also gives you 200+ MP3 downloads from CD Baby as a bonus!

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