Great bosses have all different kinds of styles. Some are gruff and super direct. Others are very relational and approachable. It doesn’t really matter. It only matters that you are a good leader and a good manager. Being a good leader and manager creates a culture of accountability in your company [or department or team] that leads to increased productivity and performance. It also leads to satisfied and loyal employees.

What does a good leader do?

  • Gives clear direction to their direct reports
  • Provides the necessary tools for their direct reports to do their jobs
  • Delegates to their direct reports those responsibilities which they are capable of doing and then gets out of their way
  • Makes decisions that are for the good of the company,  not just their function and certainly not just themselves
  • Takes the time to think about what is important, not just urgent, in order to provide clear direction to their direct reports.

What does a good manager do?

  • Makes sure that their direct reports know what you expect of them
  • Communicates well, which is to say as often as needed and unambiguously
  • Meets with their direct reports as often as is necessary and appropriate
  • Meets several times a year to provide feedback to their direct reports on how well they are doing their job and living the company values
  • Rewards and recognizes their direct reports appropriately and in a timely fashion

Interesting, how can I learn more?

If you want to learn more about what each of those bullets mean and how you can use them in your company consider doing one or more of the following,-

  • Order a copy of How To Be A Great Boss by Gino Wickman and Rene Boer
  • Download a free chapter of How To Be A Great Boss by Gino Wickman and Rene Boer
  • Download a free ToolKit on How To Be A Great Boss
  • attend the  Great Boss Webinar on September 19.

The following InfoGraphic, produced by EOS Worldwide, Inc., has a lot of interesting information about Bosses. Check it out.

How to Be a Great Boss Infographic

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