Zillions, billions and trillions – the federal deficit is what?

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Zillions, billions and trillions. The federal deficit could hit $1 trillion this year. Does anyone know what that means? Read why John Allen Paulos says most Americans are innumerate, which is to say numerically illiterate. His words really ring true in 2008 at the time of our greatest financial crisis, the consequences of innumeracy can be at the root of poor government decisions at a time when we need great ones.

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How do I remove connections from my network on LinkedIn?

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Early in our use of LinkedIn you may have been seduced into adding connections without regard for how well you know the person or whether you would be willing to give them a reference later or whether you could ask them for a reference. If you want to remove those connections now – here is out to do so, without any risk of them knowing you have done so.

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