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Book: The 25-Year Framework

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25-year framework

I recently read The 25-Year Framework by Dan Sullivan, founder and President of Strategic Coach, Inc. It was given to me by Gino Wickman at our last quarterly EOS Worldwide leadership team meeting. Thanks Gino.

Discovering that what he talks about in this book meshes perfectly with the EOS philosphy that I live and teach is not surprising. After all, Gino Wickman, founder and creator of EOS, is a 15+ year client of Dan’s program.

We, professional EOS Implementers, are fond of saying that you have to go slow to go fast. This is the concept of The 25-Year Framework. It actually provides specific tools to implement that adage. As Dan says on the back cover of his book, “What’s even better, the transformation from ‘time scarcity’ to ‘time abundance’ begins to occur in the 60 minutes it takes to read this book.

The idea is simple – decide on the most important things you want to accomplish in your business, your life. Decide that you have 25 years to accomplish them. Wait. Are they big enough? You have 25 years. Given the expanse of 25 years, you are free to think of 10x goals. Heck you have 100 quarters,- 100. Each quarter is just 1% of those 25 years. Feel the release of constant worrying about time? You don’t have to be perfect each quarter. Just get better and closer to your goals.

Shift from Transactional to Transformational

Dan sums up this concept with the idea of shifting your thinking from transactional to transformational. 25-years allows you to think of what will last that long. What is worth investing over so long a period? He offers the 6 C’s of 25-year growth as rewards you can intentionally reap: capability, creativity, credibility, connections, confidence and cash. Each of theses has no limit over time. They can all grow continuously.

This book deserves to be read. If you are an entrepreneur under stress, you owe it to yourself. You can buy it here. You can also get the 25-Year Framework Audio Interview here. It is stimulating. Just think of having 9, 131 days to achieve your biggest dreams. What could you accomplish?

Graphic Credit: Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach

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