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Can I “see” how others see my LinkedIn profile?

By December 7, 2008 7 Comments

Marc Morgan, Head of Digital and System-on-Chip Design at CSEM, asked the following question in the Answers service of Linked on 11/18/08.

“The “View My Profile” page does not have options for me to see how different users would see my profile. I’m guessing that there could be different views:
– for an unregistered user
– for someone who’s not in my network
– for someone who’s in my network but not a direct connection
– for a direct connection
I could create a 2nd profile to try this out but i don’t think it’s in LinkedIn’s best interest.
Thanks in advance for your reply”

I saw his question in one of the three widgets LinkedIn allows each of us to set up on our home page. You can find these widgets in the lower right hand of your home page. There is one there by default which you can set to whatever you like by clicking on “edit” and selecting a category from the pull-down menu you are then presented. You have options to add two more. I set my three widgets currently to:

I answered Marc as follows,-


An unregistered user can only see what you choose to give him permission to see in the “make my profile public” section of your profile. You check off the boxes you want to be shown. You can then Google yourself and see what they would see. They do have a large yellow box to click on if they want to see your whole profile, but they have to join LinkedIn to do so. Here is what it looks like for my profile.

If someone searches for your name, whether they are in or out of your network, they will be shown your profile, but not your connections.

If you search in LinkedIn for Ed Callahan, you’ll get all twenty of us who currently satisfy that search. It will tell you if you are in or out of my network but you can see my whole profile.

[The rest of the words in these brackets were not in the LinkedIn answer I posted. Currently I am the only Ed Callahan who has a “paid” membership and so I sort to the top of the list produced by that search. There is even another Ed Callahan in the Greater Philadelphia area but he is not open to receiving InMails or Introductions so I can’t reach out to him in LinkedIn even though I was tempted to do so – maybe he is a long lost relative:) ]

If I merely satisfy the criteria for a search you do – for example VP (past or present) at Sun Microsystems, then you get to see my whole profile with one exception. If I am out of your network, you won’t be given my name. If I am within 3 degrees of you, you see my name.

So anyone within 3 degrees of you, once they are viewing your profile, can see all of it, but they have to be directly connected to you AND you must have said “all direct connects can see your connections” for them to see your connections.

Finally, click on the “view my profile” tab to see exactly what anyone else sees when they view your profile.

Good luck

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  • Jan Bane says:

    Good afternoon,

    I am trying to see how my linkedin profile looks to others. I tried to google seeach myself, but my linkedin profile is not coming up. Are there settings in linkedin that I need to change?

    Thanks, Jan Bane

  • edcallahan says:


    Like everything else in Google, you rise to the top of a google search as the number of hits on your page increase. You can also control what people see on your public LI profile page in your LinkedIn account settings.

    See for great LinkedIn webinar training.

    Good Luck, Ed

  • edcallahan says:

    It is changed since I wrote that post. When you go to your profile in LinkedIn, it is as others will see it. You can edit it from there. Sorry I didn’t respond when you first wrote this.

  • Hello! I have been trying to view my linked in profile as it would appear to others – including my contacts who have access to my full profile. When I go into my profile to see it without the prompts and so forth I can’t do it; it shows all the clutter-y looking boxes and whatnot that ask if you want to do this and that…so I can’t get a “clean” view of my profile minus all the clutter. It’s maddening! I have NO idea what it looks like at all. Can you help me? Please?:-)) Anna Maria

  • Eugene Ingram Jr says:

    If you’re in the edit mode and see a button below your photo that shows the words “View Profile As,” click that button (not the arrow next to it, which will drop-down a menu). Now you will see the profile as others see it. This is important because in the annoying edit mode (which you get by default), you can only see a fraction of your Summary (if you have a longer summary). However, when you view it as others see it, you can see your entire summary. You also don’t get those annoying prompts to edit each section. You see it exactly as any other connection or someone in your network (or the public, if you selected public) will see it. This is not intuitive, and took me some time to figure out!

  • David Grucza says:

    I happened across the answer somewhat by accident: Look below your picture when editing your profile just to the left of “Contact Info”. There you’ll see a weblink to your profile as others see it.

  • Jacob says:

    Unfortunately, LinkedIn has just further reduced its transparency and users’ power over their own data by retiring the “View Profile As” option.

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