8 things you can do in LinkedIn to help you in your job search

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8 things you can do in LinkedIn to help you in your job search. These are the actions I advise job seekers to engage in in addition to the other components of their job search strategy. I am sure that the rest of you have thought of even more creative things to do within LinkedIn to help people find jobs. Let us know what they are; share them with responses to this post.

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“Slumdog Millionaire” supports Friedman’s “The World is Flat”

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Slumdog Millionaire supports Friedman’s “The World is Flat”. So what’s the point? Read “The World Is Flat”. As a solopreneur consultant we can take advantage of the technologies available to us from anywhere as well partnerships around the world to offer services only our larger brethren could have offered previously. In 2009 we had all better figure out how to do more for and be more valuable to our prospects and clients if we want to thrive.

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Zillions, billions and trillions – the federal deficit is what?

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Zillions, billions and trillions. The federal deficit could hit $1 trillion this year. Does anyone know what that means? Read why John Allen Paulos says most Americans are innumerate, which is to say numerically illiterate. His words really ring true in 2008 at the time of our greatest financial crisis, the consequences of innumeracy can be at the root of poor government decisions at a time when we need great ones.

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