Everyone in a business running on EOS is responsible for activities and results.

Let’s use the sales function as the example. Partially because it lends itself perfectly to the concepts and partially because owners are often also the sales functional leaders for their business.

For example, the sales recipe might be to talk with 20 prospective clients per week which usually leads to 5 product demonstrations per week, which usually leads to 1 new purchase order per week. You can hold a sales person accountable for talking to 20 prospects per week if you give them the tools to do so.  However, if they are doing the activities which they do control and are not producing the results you desire, you must act swiftly. The sales leader and the sales rep must find the root cause for the failure and resolve it quickly. Is the sales recipe correct? Is the sales rep having the right conversations with the 20 prospects per week? Does the sales rep know how to give effective product demonstrations? Are they a truly talented sales person? Something has to change.

Does lack of control relieve you of accountability?

The sales functional leader does not have control. The leader only has influence. But the leader is accountable for the revenue number of the company. If the leader fails to produce it. Something must change so the company can thrive. If the leader does not know what to change or is incapable of change, then the sales leader must be replaced.

Lack of control does not relieve accountability. Everyone is responsible for delivering those results for which they are accountable.

Is that clear in every level of your business? Starting with you? Do you agree with this position. Please leave a comment.

Photo Credit: United Workers