EOS ModelMany young companies rush to create a web site under the impression that they must, must have a digital presence immediately.

On the one hand that is absolutely true. Call on a prospective client and the odds are that they will ask if you have a website where they can read more about you either before or after they speak with you. I wrote an earlier blogpost about alternatives to expensive websites so that you can satisfy that demand.

On the other hand, developing websites are expensive and updating them only slightly less so. Given the alternatives mentioned above, there are other priorities you might want to focus on first.

One of the six key components of the EOS business management model is Process. The idea is that you take an entrepreneurial approach to documenting the 8 to 12 core processes with which you run your business. By core processes we mean,- HR, Marketing, Sales, one to a few Operations processes, e.g. the way you deliver your product or service, Finance, and Customer Support. You document YOUR way of doing business so that you can scale.

Then you make sure that those processes are Followed By All. If you simplify and assure replication of those items that you know about, you can focus the brain power of you and your leadership team on the surprises you don’t see coming.

In the EOS methodology, we have taken this one step further and suggest that you graphically document your customer facing life cycle in something we call your Proven Process. This shows your employees, your partners, your prospects and your customers exactly how you will relate to them from 1st engagement through installation/delivery and how you will support them. You set expectations for all and achieve alignment. Under promising and over delivering becomes more repeatable.

Another benefit of the Proven Process is that it acts as a framework to document your sales process and your operations processes. Keys to generating revenue, profit and satisfied customers. You can view the EOS Proven Process on our website.

What do you think are the most important processes to document for a young company, for any company? Please share your thoughts.

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