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Does your leadership team truly own the good, bad and ugly in your business?

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This post was written by Tom Bouwer and first shared in his newsletter in December 2014. Tom is a masterful Certified EOS Implementer out of Atlanta.


•    You, the owner, Visionary and Integrator, are pregnant.
•    You run a boutique wellness center in one of Atlanta’s wealthiest neighborhoods.
•    Your controller just quit.  Your front desk manager just quit.
•    3 years in to your 10-year lease, your landlord just gave you notice.  Your due date is the day you need to vacate your property.
•    Your management team is comprised of you and 4 Pilates instructors who fill a management team role less than 5 hours a week.
•    You have to move your whole business (e.g. heavy equipment, systems, office) to a temporary space.
•    Your temporary space is in a construction zone…jackhammers, dust, dirty elevators, HVAC issues…and the closest bathroom is on another floor.

And yet, you retain 297 clients out of 300 during the 5 months it takes you to get out of the construction zone and into your new, permanent space.  You only lose 3 clients out of 300.  How did you accomplish this?

Your leadership team took responsibility while you were out.  They used the EOS system to set priorities.  They continued with L-10 meetings.  They prioritized and IDS’d issues.  They came up with a detailed game plan to retain customers.  They simplified, predicted and delegated.  They systematized their processes and made sure the processes were followed by all – even during the chaotic move.

Bottom line: this leadership team took responsibility for the past, present and future of their business.  They didn’t make excuses.  They didn’t bemoan the situation.  They took responsibility.  They owned it.  They became a great leadership team.

You become a great leadership team by following the EOS process.  It is not a short or easy journey.  It is not for the faint of heart.  However, once you start the process, stick with it, and success WILL follow.

Next step – discuss with your team:  How would they have reacted to the above situation?  Would they have made excuses or would they have stepped up?  Does your leadership team truly own the good, bad and ugly in your business?  What difficult issues do you need to tackle to become a great leadership team?

If you suspect you may have issues, the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) can help. I’ll be happy to explain how.

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