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eFax and PDF – a great pairing

By November 10, 2009 2 Comments

I almost never send a fax anymore. Does anyone?

I do receive faxes occasionally and receiving faxes via email is why I started to use an efax service. Who wants more paper?

It is so much more convenient to receive a fax via email. I can retrieve a fax via email anywhere, including my iPhone.

The big benefit is what I can do with the fax in email form. With my efax service (I use eFax from j2 Global Communications), and I am guessing that they all provide this (or should), I have the option of specifying that the fax be converted to a PDF before being sent to me.

Since there is no monthly limit, or economic penalty, to the number of faxes I can receive I have taken to faxing any document I wish to save to my eFax number, instead of filing the paper.

My eFax account is set up to forward the PDF to both my gmail account (you could set up a separate gmail account just for this purpose, hmm, I should do that:) and my business email account.

In this manner, the document is backed up to the Google cloud and I simply save the PDF to an appropriate place on my computer.

Goodby file cabinets or lost or misplaced paper documents!

Good idea? What do you think? Do you use a better, cheaper service?

PS: I don’t own a fax machine; I use an HP All-In-One PSC 2410 Printer.

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  • Andy Bronson says:

    Great Idea! I have used a service like this to receive faxes in the past, but never thought of using it as a way to store documents so I could toss the hard copy. It’s simple, straight-forward, and – if you have speed dial options in your fax machine – just requires a couple of button presses.

    Thanks for the idea!

  • Ed Callahan says:

    Every good idea helps a little bit, right? Thanks for commenting. Ed

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