If you can’t see the video above, you can find it here on YouTube.

I am pleased to share some exciting news with you. Microsoft reached out to EOS Worldwide a few months ago to undertake a joint project to help entrepreneurs and small business owners as part of their Modern.biz initiative. They flew out an award-winning camera crew to help EOS Worldwide capture the spirit and essence of EOS, and EOS Worldwide is excited to share the final product with you. Microsoft is also highlighting three of our EOS tools on their site, and will be featuring an article about EOS on their SMB Blog later this month.

I am thrilled to see something I have dedicated my business life to being mentioned, referenced and lauded by others. Here are some more examples.

This non EOS business advisor suggests EOS to his clients in this Forbes articleThis article has Traction: Get A Grip On Your Business on it’s summer reading list. This press release mentions EOS as a driver for this change in their leadership team .

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