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Google is the 800 pound gorilla of productivity

By June 22, 2009 No Comments

Google Wave is the latest example of amazing stuff from our favorite “Big Brother”.

Google’s Wave is just for developers now and is coming to the rest of us by the end of the year.

It incorporates email, instant messaging, wikis, forums, blogs, mobile, SMS… and more I am sure, in your browser! It seems to me the idea of a Wave is an evolution from the idea of a Conversation in Gmail.

Google Wave will likely disrupt many businesses, including Microsoft’s.

Jason Clark is of the opinion that Wave may help contribute to Twitter becoming obsolete.  See his post here.

What’s new in Google’s model is that they are making this open source. They want the Wave API to be everywhere.

Wave is what you can use in the future. But what can you use from Google now to be more productive? We won’t count search since Google is search.

Here is a partial list: Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Docs, YouTube, Google Calendar, and Picassa (the best photo editor I have found so far, short of photoshop).

On my iPhone only: Google Mobile app – voice activated search – find it in the iPhone App store.  Many of the iPhone apps incorporate Google Maps to make them even more useful, given the built-in GPS in the iPhone.

What is your favorite Google tool, program, gadget?