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How do you ensure that you meet your annual goals?

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goalLess is more. This is particularly true when it comes to setting annual goals. In their annual planning process our clients focus on selecting the three to seven most important goals for the next twelve months, closer to three being better.

Some companies struggle with this process. Barbara Nowak-Rowe wrote a post for the Smart Leaders’s Network blog called What do you plan for 2011? What goals would you like to achieve next year? You can read the whole post here. It is one approach that might help you set annual goals.

However you arrive at these goals – the three to seven most important goals for your company to achieve in the next year –  they will mean nothing and be very frustrating if you don’t accomplish them.

Remember that we are all human and while it is easy to salute the flag at the beginning of the year, the best most of us are able to do is stay on track for about 90 days. Then life gets in the way and we start to drift off course.

One of the simplest and most powerful EOS tools is maintaining a meeting pulse: annual goals, quarterly rocks, and weekly meetings to check-in and resolve issues standing in your way of success.

Ideally these weekly meetings are held at every level of the company. Since all these goals should fit like stacking dolls within the context of the higher level goals, individual goals support department goals which support corporate goals.

Goals have to be met in a measured way over the course of a year. Waiting until the end of quarters and the end of a year is a sure way to court disaster and destroy quality, reputations and margins. These weekly meetings help make you better predictors of  you meeting your quarterly goals (90 day rocks) and accomplishing 90 day rocks helps ensure you meet your annual goals.

I also talked about the goals in an earlier post, entitled Are Gargantuan Goals A Good Thing?

Good luck to each of us as we prepare for 2011. Do you have any ideas for success that we would benefit from you sharing?

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