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How do you keep up with your digital reading?

By January 25, 2011 2 Comments

IMG_1080Back in May 2010 I wrote a post about how I struggle to keep up with the various blogs I find interesting to read. It was called Interesting Blogs, Podcasts, and Other Stuff. You can read it here.

I said back then that I had tried to use an RSS (really simple syndication) reader and found that I never went to it in my browser, so that was no solution. Instead, I subscribed to the blog feeds via direct email. While I missed nothing, my email was soon clogged to an unacceptable level.

We’ll an RSS reader in my smart phone is now the solution for me. The blogs are easy to access when I have spare time. The reader is on the top screen in my phone -see the image to the left. It presents the stories nicely categorized by blog and then as headlines in blogs. So I can scan the stories, read those I want and with one click mark all the others as read and voila they disappear.

I have an iPhone and I use MobileRSS, available in the iTunes App Store for free with ads, and $2.99 for the ad free version.

Now I have to take the time and delete all the email subscriptions I signed up for when I thought that was the solution (:

What do you like best?

iPhone tip: To capture a screen shot on your iPhone -> depress the home key, then click your power button. A screen shot will be saved to your camera roll.

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  • Regina says:

    This is one of the happy problems with the world wide web, too much information! As I do not have a smart phone yet, I am still relying on the email solution, and you are right, it does clog my inbox. Thanks for the post, it may inspire me to update my technology.

  • Ed Callahan says:

    Now is the time Regina. AT&T is offering the iPhone 3GS for $49. And Verizon I am sure has a similar deal. And you could always get a Droid phone from either. I am partial to Apple and have the iPhone4. Thanks for commenting.

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