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I Need Your Feedback Again

By June 27, 2011 8 Comments

Gino EOS video
First, thank you to all of you who provided me feedback on the use of autostart in the EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, video in my LinkedIn profile.

The Nays have it by a small margin – 63% of the total. But truth be told, some of the Yeas did add that, if they revisited my profile several times, the autostart could become annoying. Many of you also gave me additional food for thought for the Summary section of my profile.

So I have decided to:

  • pull the auto-start,
  • substitute a video by Gino Wickman, the founder of EOS Worldwide and the inventor of EOS, explaining what EOS is and why you might want to implement it, and also
  • modify the Summary section of my profile.

If you are reading this on my blog site, you can see both videos in the column to the right.

So, if you have a few more moments to spare, please take another peak by clicking through to my LinkedIn profile or by just going there directly.

I’d love if you left comments directly on this blog, but I’ll be happy to receive them from all channels, including LinkedIn and email.

Thanks again for your feedback last week and for any you provide this week.

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  • Motty Perel says:

    I watched your video, Gino Wickman.

    I do not want to offend you with my opinion about it.

    None of us will gain.

    Get in touch with me, if you want.

    Motty Perel

  • Ed Callahan says:


    The point of the advice be requested was to more than just an opinion of the video. That said, thanks for taking the time to respond.

  • All right, Gino is a professional and his presentation is excellent. He describes the problem, he outlines the strengths of the successful business, he allows for the likelihood that one can do it him/herself and then he outlines his bonafides and makes the offer (and only an offer) to help. Nice, low key, professional. And, you have to opt in; it doesn’t hit you in the face. Unfortunately, it’s all about Gino. I would take his format and make it my own. (This is your business, after all.) With an opt-in and a soft sell. The offer to help you word-smith this still stands. Any time. Dave

  • Ed Callahan says:

    Dave: I’ll reach out when I do my next video. Thanks for the feedback. I hope the fact that the video sits in my LinkedIn profile, on my blog and on my facebook business page, Coherent Consulting, LLC dba EOS Worldwide, helps set the context for why its all about Gino.

  • Art Mackin says:

    Ed: I like your summary. Very direct and concise.
    I also liked the video by Gino. It played fine on this site but was not visible when I clicked through to your Linked In site. Could be just an Ipad issue since I did not try it on my PC.

    Having the subject matter expert in the video is an effective use of the medium.

  • Ed Callahan says:

    Thanks for the comments on my LinkedIn summary and the video Art. Maybe I over-reacted on the LinkedIn site to the “auto-start”. Now you have to click forward one PPT slide to start the video.

  • Good combination of video information, Ed. Gino’s clip provides the foundation in clear, succinct terms. And viewing that first, as you’ve positioned them, is a strong context for your services. Your clip helps the viewer get a sense of your style and expertise, avoiding the possible distraction of not knowing what EOS is. Well done!


  • Ed Callahan says:

    Thanks Carolyn. That was the goal.

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