AcquisitionIt’s Not About You: A Little Story About What Matters Most in Business is a business parable by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

The story revolves around the interaction between two companies involved in a corporate acquisition. Ben represents the acquirer. Allen & Augustine, the eponymous brothers, are the owners & founders of the acquiree.

The key lessons are summarized in Ben’s Leadership Manifesto:
1. Hold the vision.
2. Build your people.
3. Do the work.
4. Stand for something.
5. Share the mantle.

Any leadership team using EOS to run their company will recognize these disciplines which are embedded everywhere in EOS.

Timeless Principles. All easy to understand. Using them and adhering to them is the challenge.

Particularly problematic for owner founders and all senior leaders is the last – letting go of the vine. How are you doing with that in your company?

You can buy It’s Not about You here on Amazon.

Photo credit: Caston Corporate

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