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LinkedIn: 50 million strong!

By October 20, 2009 No Comments

Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, posted  in the LinkedIn Blog that as of October 14th, LinkedIn has 50 million users worldwide and they are growing that figure at roughly one new member per second.  When LinkedIn launched in 2003, it took 477 days — almost a year and four months — to reach it’s first million members. This last million took only 12 days! You should read the full post here.

LinkedIn is the gold standard of Internet 2.0 tools for business development for consultants and sales people of all stripes.

If you are not using LinkedIn to its full potential there are any number of books published on how to use it to your best advantage. Additionally, you can  subscribe to the LinkedIn blog and the blog of the authors below.

Here are a few LinkedIn books that I have read personally.

I’m On LinkedIn, Now What? by Jason Alba.

Happy About Recruiting by Bill Vick.

The LinkedIn Personal Trainer by Steven Tylock.

LinkedIn for Selling and Consulting by Ed Callahan (yes, that’s me).

All are useful depending on your needs. Read at least one of them.

Do you know of any others you have read that others should know about? Please add them in a comment on this blog post.

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