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Marketing Question: I need your feedback

By June 21, 2011 22 Comments


A few weeks ago I posted a 1 minute video on my LinkedIn page, on this blog, and on my facebook business page. I hope some of you have seen it. My goal in using video was to make all my digital profiles stand out and be more memorable.

The advice I want has to do with effect of how I use the video in my LinkedIn profile.

I won’t go into the details here but using Slideshare you can “auto start” a video which is embedded in your LinkedIn profile. All someone needs to do is land on your profile and stay there for about 7 seconds.

I have asked for feedback from people as to what they thought of the video in terms of quality and professionalism. Up until today, all the feedback has been positive.

Today, one visitor to my LinkedIn profile told me that the use of the autostart feature was a turn off. He felt it was a hard sell. He said he was considering using me as a coach but this turned him away from me. So this a major concern for me.

So the question is: Is the autostart of the video on my LinkedIn profile annoying and/or does it feel like a hard sell?

If the majority of the sentiment is yes, I can turn off the autostart feature.

To experience it the way this person did click here for my LinkedIn profile. Then click on the big yellow block with the words: “View full profile”

Please leave a comment sharing your opinion.

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  • I like the auto start and love the concept. It is professional, direct and easy to understand. Very clever, like it and will consider adopting the same concept.

  • I don’t like auto start as a rule because it is more like a delayed start and distracts me from what I am already reading. In this case the video is far down the page so I wasn’t sure where the video was as it began to play. Also, with no way to know where a visitor has their sound level set, it can blast them out of their seat.

  • Ed Callahan says:

    Thank you both for your thoughts. Hmmm, so far a split decision:)

  • Marc Bernstein says:

    Hi Ed. I am intrigued by the auto-start because, frankly, I haven’t seen it before. I think your videos are very professionally done. I don’t think selling is a turn off. We’re on linkedin to connect and tell people about what we do, so in that regard, I think it works.


  • Hi Ed, I think the qualitity and length of the video is wonderful and I don’t feel it is a hard sell (and I’m very sensitive to that, I don’t like hard sell tactics). The only thing that I would be opposed to would be if I was online reading profiles or focusing on reading a post and the video suddently turned on it would startle me and then annoy me. I think the music is too loud when it comes on. It would be nice if a soft, tinkly-like sound just to call attention to your video could be heard then we could turn it on ourselves. But I don’t know if that is possible technically. Something like that would not only call attention to your video but wouldn’t be annoying because of volume of the music. I hope that helps you.

  • Ed Callahan says:

    Thanks Marc for your point of view.

  • Ed Callahan says:

    Jillian – I will see if such a feature is available. That’s a good idea.

  • John Currie says:


    Here’s my feedbacl …

    I’m not a fan of autostart …. probably for the same reason others comment. It seems presumptuous … show me where to click and let me click when I’m ready to see the video. Also, I have an older computer and loading videos slow it down.

    John Currie

  • Ed Callahan says:

    That’s a new thought – older computers. Thanks John.

  • Jerry Chavers says:

    Love the attention grabbing feature. Would not like it if I were in an office environment where it could be a distraction to others or perhaps an embarrassment if I am dual tasking. If you were marketing to a homeowner, great feature. For your market, my advice would be to direct attention the video with a choice to watch.

  • Ed Callahan says:

    Thanks Jerry. Autostart doesn’t appear to be a fan favorite, although if I factor in all the LinkedIn comments the edge goes to “leave it alone” at this point.

  • Ed,

    I land on the side that doesn’t like autostart, for all of the reasons outlined by those who have already spoken. I usually scan email first, then go back and read those emails I want to review in depth later. Whenever I get an autostart video it is like an interruption that breaks my pace and my train of thought. I find that annoying. Otherwise you have a great video.

    I don’t know how you are planning to lead into this. if you are sending an email that indicates that you are about to be presented with a video so that it doesn’t come as a surprise then maybe the autostart is okay. For me, when the autostart comes as a surprise I find that annoying. But that’s just me.

  • Ed Callahan says:

    Michael: When I send it to someone with a link the autoplay is not the issue. Its strictly its autoplay function on my LinkedIn profile that is the concern for some. Thanks for your input.

  • Joanne Friedel says:


    I agree with all of the comments on the video – great content and quality with no hard sell.

    Am not a fan of the autoplay though for most of the reasons listed in the other responses.

  • Ed,

    I went to you profile and “experienced” it. It is very professionally done. I do not think that it was that much of a hard sell. I wonder if it was the video or the words? After you introduce yourself on the video, you say, “You should hire me because…” That is a hard sell, though it didn’t bother me too much. If you toned down that verbage, I wonder if people would have the same reaction?

    My set-up is that I have a set of earphones attached to my computer in my office so sound only comes through them. You could envision a scenario where someone went to your LinkedIn profile and was not expecting it and all of a sudden your voice came booming out. And if they were further up in your profile, not where the video is running, they might not get what was happening.

    One other note – at the end of the video, you invite listeners to contact you at “any of the links on this site.” I could not find anything on your LinkedIn profile wherein I could contact you. There was no website or contact numbers or e-mail. All I could do was send you an InMail or an Introduction through a mutual connection.

    This is great stuff and I applaud you for being so innovative.

    Jamie Mosberg
    Managing Partner
    Global Recruiters of Wilmington
    (302) 455-9500 x101

  • Art Mackin says:


    Lose the autostart. It comes across as both rude and annoying and negatively influences the perception of the video itself.

    The video can stand on its own merits. It would be better to let people decide on their own if they want to view it.

    You didn’t ask for feedback on anything else so consider this a bonus tip. You should proofread para 4. There is an extra word inserted that does not belong and your punch line: vision, traction, healthy just isn’t good grammar. Vision and traction are nouns and healthy is an adjective. It just doesn’t read well. There has to be a better way to express this concept.

    Hope this is helpful

  • Bill Borton says:


    I think your video is well done and the autostart is an advantage, from a marketing standpoint. I have a slideshare video on my profile and I have had only positive feedback. It gets people’s attention. It causes them to scroll down to see where your voice is coming from. If they don’t want to hear what you have to say, but want to continue reviewing your profile, it only takes a second to pause the video. How anyone in this day and age of digital media can consider your video a hard sell is beyond me. I suspect there was more to it than what you were told.

  • Ed Callahan says:

    Thanks for the feedback. There are ways to communicate with me on the LinkedIn profile. If you click “My EOS Worldwide Homepage” you get brought to a page where you can email me if you like. At the end of my LinkedIn profile, I share my phone number. I agree that neither is very handy or obvious, so I should fix that. Thanks.

  • Ed Callahan says:

    You are the toughest critic so far, but as one of my first ever bosses, you have the credentials. I caught the extra word in the summary. EOS picked Vision, Traction, and Healthy so I’ll have to live with the poor grammar. Thanks for taking the time to help.

  • Ed Callahan says:

    Thanks for the kind words Bill.

  • Mike Cinaglia says:

    Hi Ed,

    To directly answer your question…I don’t think the autostart is annoying or a hard sell. Having said that I will also say that I’m not a fan of the autostart. My preference would be to find a way in LinkedIn to have the video screen pop-up, waiting for the viewer to press the “play” button. This eliminates the autostart and also prepares the viewer to watch the video. When it comes on as an autostart…it was a bit surprising and I found myself scrolling around your profile for the video.

    I did like the video by the way…well done!

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