If you can’t see the video above, check out General McChrystal’s talk with Verne Harnish here on YouTube. Starting at 3:08 he credits the change in tactics that turned around the battle with Al Qaeda in Iraq to the discipline of 90 minute team meetings. The description he gives could have come straight out of the EOS Level 10 meeting training we provide to all clients on the first day of their EOS implementation journey with a professional EOS Implementer.

The General’s implementation was different based on the needs of the war. His meetings were daily 90 minute meetings via teleconference with up to 7500 people. The idea is the same – everybody on the same page and immediate feedback and problem solving. Also, the timing, agenda and structure of the meetings were the same and I am betting they started on time and ended on time. In his book, Team of Teams, this is summarized as Centralized Communications (“shared consciousness”) and Decentralized Management Authority (“empowered execution”).

How Does This Apply To Small Businesses?

As in the military, small businesses, really all businesses, need to make sure that everyone knows where the company is going and how it is going to get there. The purpose of a  weekly Level 10 meeting in EOS is to maximize communications and execution at each management level of the organization. Then like Russian nesting dolls each  level is linked by having each manager attend a weekly Level 10 meeting with both his manager and one with the people he manages. So only the Owner / CEO / President (Integrator in EOS terminology) and the individual contributors of the company are in a single weekly L10 meeting. The owner and her direct reports hold a 90 minute weekly Level 10 meeting. The direct reports hold another weekly Level 10 meeting with their direct reports and so on. The length of the meeting shrinks with focus based on the narrowing of scope and responsibility at each level.

If you would like to improve communications and execution at your firm, then you should download the free Level 10 agenda on the EOS Worldwide website here. You can also watch a short video on YouTube entitled How To Run An Effective Meeting.

Next Steps:

Download the free Level 10 Agenda from the EOS Worldwide website here.

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