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Mont Blanc Lives its Core Values

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I wrote a recent post about the book, Start with Why, by Simon Sinek. You can read it here.

Sinek praises companies like Apple, Harley-Davidson, Southwest Airlines, Disney and others for living their “Why”. These companies stay completely focused on why their companies were started. They use their How – their values – to assure the survival of their Why. They use their What – all that they say and do – to demonstrate their commitment to their Why.

I think Sinek might be able to add Mont Blanc to his list of companies in this category.

I retrieved the following from their website; it summarizes for me what is their brand.

“For nearly one hundred years the name Montblanc has stood for the art of writing, while the snow-covered peak of Mont Blanc has symbolised the high quality status of the brand with the distinctive white star. (Mont Blanc has) . . .  established values that take on a new and greater significance as modern life develops faster and faster; values such as tradition, fine craftsmanship and an appreciation of the need to take time for the essentials – for reflection, feelings, beauty and culture. Every Montblanc product created over the years bears witness to these values.  They are the results of traditional craftsmanship which confers a sense of eternity on their owners.”

I recently visited their store in King of Prussia, PA to have a 20 year old  fountain pen repaired. The experience was pure Mont Blanc.

Everything about the store and the personnel reinforced their brand – which for me stands for “Luxury in Writing Instruments”.  The help staff dress professionally. They wear gloves when handling your writing instrument (they don’t call it a pen). They present your “pen” to you on a tray. The store is an oasis of quiet in a busy mall. Everything in the store is about luxury. They do it so well that you never question their price, which I suppose is the point.

All businesses need to think about what they do and whether everything they do supports their brand. What they say. With whom they partner. Everything.

Do you have any other company suggestions for Mr. Sinek? Companies who impress you as living their core values? I’d love to hear about them.

Photo credit: Luigi Crespo

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