Letting people go is always difficult. There are two kinds of problems – right person in the wrong seat and wrong person in the right seat. The wrong person in the right seat does not live your company values and is the more challenging problem since they seem to doing a great job. You will be reluctant to let a great salesperson or engineer go. You will make excuses and delay. Don’t do it. He is killing you in ways you don’t see until it’s too late. The right person in the wrong seat  lives your values but the seat is too big or too small for her. It is somewhat easier to deal with given that you have other seats in the company she might fill. But if not, you have to let them pursue their career elsewhere. In the video below, the CEO of Atlassian points out two ways that the right person, wrong seat situations have worked out for him.

If you can’t see the video below, you can find it here on YouTube.

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