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I wrote a post 4 years ago contrasting two types of entrepreneurial executives – Visionaries and Integrators.

In EOS terminology, a  Visionary is a leader who is focused on big ideas, big relationships and the culture of the company.  Removing obstacles for other executives in the firm, conflict management, and deciding what is the best financial or tactical decision for the company at a moment in time are not what excites this type of executive. An Integrator is a leader whose natural talent is competently directing all the moving parts of a business. The integrator likes starting at A and getting to B, when expected, with the results predicted.  Logic trumps emotion in the make up of these executives.

We all know many public examples of  these two types of executives. Charlie Munger is the COO (Integrator) for Warren Buffet. Bill Gates (the Visionary) had Steve Ballmer.

In their recently published book,- Rocket Fuel: The One Essential combination That Will Get You More Of What You Want From Your Business, Gino Wickman and Mark Winters explain that this is not a big or small company phenomena. Gino and Mark give us many small company examples from among their clients. Every company benefits from this relationship. In Rocket Fuel, they also provide self assessment tools for executives to figure out which of these two roles fit their unique abilities.

Gino and Mark don’t stop there. They explain when a Visionary might need an Integrator. The challenges that will naturally exist between the two of them. They prescribe actions to deal with these tensions. Best of all, they explain ways for Visionaries to find Integrators and vice versa.

This book is more than an explanation. It is a guide. It may help you deal some of the frustrations you are feeling in your company. The icons named earlier are people and companies who figured this out. EOS implementers help their clients work this out. How is it working at your company?

You can buy the book here on the EOS Worldwide site where you can also download a free chapter or here on Amazon.

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