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Russian Nesting Dolls & Scalability

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stacking dolls

The secret to scalability for all companies is for everyone to be aligned around the goals of the company, to be disciplined about working towards the goals, and to remove obstacles which prevent the company from achieving those goals. This must be done at every level in the company. At the extremes of the company pyramid – the executives and the individual contributors –  and also in what ever middle layers of management exist.

EOS provides 5 Foundational Tools for doing just that. These are:

  1. The Vision/Traction Organizer (V/TO),
  2. The Accountability Chart,
  3. Rocks,
  4. A meeting pulse (weekly L10 meetings), and
  5. The Scorecard.

The V/TO is where the leadership team documents who they are, what they are, where they are going and how they are going to get there. The V/TO is ideally shared with everyone and talked about repeatedly so that it reinforces organizational alignment.

The Accountability Chart is an organizational chart on steroids. It focuses on the unique seats (or positions) in an organization and documents what the key responsibilities are for each seat. It allows an organization to eliminate overlapping areas of focus and have laser focus on responsibility and execution.

While there is a single version of the above two tools, an organization which has adopted EOS fully creates the remaining three tools at all levels of their organization. And they each fit inside the other like russian nesting dolls. The Rocks at every level fit reflect the rocks at the level above it. The weekly L10 meetings also happen at each level of the company so that issue solving is connected seamlessly. The issues not solved at any level are elevated to the next higher management level when the meeting leader attends the next L10 meeting with her peers. Lastly, the scorecard is created for all levels of the company as well. This results in every person in the company contributing at least one activity on the scorecard at their level, in their department, which is measured because it affects the success and health of the whole company.

All these tools are available for downloading free of charge here. If you think they might help you and your leadership team please get and use them.

To learn how to use them, you can read Gino Wickman’s book Traction: Get A Grip On Your Business or you can ask me to come to one of your leadership team meetings and present the Cliff Notes version of the book on a whiteboard to you and your leadership team.

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