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Start with Why

By January 10, 2011 One Comment

StartwithwhySimon Sinek wrote the book Start with Why to inspire people. He certainly accomplished his goal with me.

Simon’s central tenet is that great leaders and great companies are those who remember WHY they started their business, who they wanted to attract as both employees and customers, and who remain consistently focused on their WHY.

If you are a math & science nerd you will relate to his references to the Golden Ratio and the limbic brain. It’s not required to understand his construct, the Golden Circle.

Think of the Golden Circle as a bull’s eye with the word WHY in the center, the word HOW in the next outer circle and the word WHAT in the outermost circle.

Most companies tell us about their WHAT,- price, service, features and quality. They are attempting to sell us their commodity product or service. Sometimes they succeed. If you discount deeply enough you can get almost anyone to buy almost anything. But they get no loyalty and worse, they get a buyer who will never buy at higher than the best discount they received previously.

goldencircleSinek posits that you must act from the bull’s eye out. Tell us your WHY first; it represents your purpose, cause or belief. Your HOW represents who you are, your values, how you act to accomplish your WHY. Your WHAT is what you do demonstrate your WHY.

Companies who start with WHY are rewarded with extremely loyal employees and customers,- think Apple, Southwest Airlines, and Disney to name a few.

If you are an EOS client, you recognize the synergies between EOS and Simon Sinek’s philosophy. Your WHY = Your Company’s Core Focus. Your HOW = Core Values. Your WHAT is your Proven Process and more. This is an inspiring book.

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