If you are like most business owners and leaders, every once in awhile (hopefully not more frequently) you will discover that a priority you have been setting for yourself is just not getting done. Everyone of us has been there. Some priority projects keep getting reported NOT DONE at the end of the quarter and we reassign it for the next quarter. And that happens again! Hiring that person you need but have been unable to find . . . forever. Updating your website so that it works on mobile devices . .  . that can’t seem to get off the back burner. Doing the analysis on the new market you are thinking of entering . . . but keep putting off. Fill in the problem project in your own company.

Seth offers a very simple solution to anything that has you stuck in your business.  It is in his 9/10/18 blogpost titled A solution to stalled. You should read the entire post.

How Do I Get Unstuck?

The solution? Cancel it . . . with a week’s notice. One of two things will happen. Someone will step up and become it’s champion or you will actually cancel it. Either result will be freeing for you to focus on what is really important to your business this quarter.

And you probably shouldn’t completely forget it. After all, the problem is probably not that it wasn’t important, but that there were more pressing issues this quarter and you tried to do too much. So place it on your long term issues list and reconsider it next quarter. Sometimes, it takes several quarters to get to it. Sometimes it stops being a priority.

Next Steps:

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