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Tag Clouds for web sites and blogs

By April 20, 2010 No Comments

topic cloudTag Clouds should help visitors to my blog, or any website which uses one, navigate the site effectively and efficiently. I use the  Thesis theme for WordPress to publish this blog and one of the features it enables me to provide is a tag cloud.

In looking up the definition for this post I found out that a tag cloud is different from a topic cloud. One definition of a topic cloud can be found here on the WiseGeek site.

A tag cloud let’s you see at a glance the subjects and people I write about with the relative frequency of their occurrence indicated by the size of the font for each tag.

I may have confused matters in this blog by using a title of Topics for my tag cloud.  The image to the left is this blog’s actual tag cloud as of March 15, 2010. You will find the actual tag cloud in the right most column of the home page of my blog site.

How can it improve your use of this blog? Simple. Just click on any tag in the cloud and it will serve up to you the most recent three posts that have been tagged with the word(s) you selected. You are also given the option, after the three posts, of clicking through to the three earlier posts and so on.

Do you find tag clouds useful or confusing? What other site navigation tools have you seen out there that you like?

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