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The 12 Days of EOS® Christmas Song

By December 22, 2020 No Comments

To all the fans of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) who pour their hearts and souls into making our workplaces and our world a better place —please enjoy our gift to you: an EOS version of the 12 Days of Christmas, sung by our very own Marisa Smith!

Happy holidays to you from EOS Worldwide, Coherent Coaching and the entire community of professional EOS Implementers!


On the first day of Christmas, my Implementer gave to me: A clear vision for my company.

On the second day: The Right Seats

On the third day: The Right People

On the fourth day: A great Scorecard

On the fifth day: MY SANITY!!!!!!

On the sixth day: Issues we are solving

On the seventh day: Process we are following

On the eighth day: Rocks we are completing

On the ninth day: Level 10 Meetings™

On the tenth day: Leaders that are leading

On the eleventh day: No more frustration

On the twelfth day: A strong organization

We hope you enjoyed our song. Feel free to share it with others!

Post credit: 87 Plus
Author credit: Catherine Juon

Suggested Next Steps:

  1. Click here to go to the EOS Worldwide Implementer Directory to find a Professional EOS Implementer near you who will gladly give you 90 minutes of their time to explain how all this works. If you are near Philadelphia, PA, reach out to me.
  2. Click here to use the EOS Worldwide online learning system, called Basecamp, to assist you in implementing EOS in your own company.
  3.  Read Traction: Get A Grip On Your Business by Gino Wickman to learn what EOS is and how it works first and then do either step 1 or 2. Click here to visit the Traction Library and buy a copy of the book.

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