Screenshot 2014-06-16 at 12.36.14 PMIf you have read Gino Wickman’s book, Traction: Get A Grip On Your Business, or have been in some sort of EOS Professional Implementer led meeting, session, or workshop, you have heard one of us say, “There are only 23 issues in business”.

What we are referring to is that business issues are not unique. They merely have different names and different people involved, depending on the industry you are in and the colleagues in your business. It just feels like there are 123 issues.

In fact Gino has concluded that “the 23” all condense to 6:

  1. lack of alignment around the vision; e.g. the leadership isn’t rowing in the same direction
  2. wrong person and/or wrong seat; e.g. the “some breath is better than no breath management syndrome”
  3. lack of objective measurement; instead using subjective based opinions of the company or individual performance
  4. not solving issues; instead just discussing the heck out of issues and imagining that you are making progress
  5. not following the essential procedures; allowing each person or department to operate in the way they think is best
  6. not executing on prioritized objectives; treating everything, or nothing, like it is most important

If you are an EOS fan, you will recognize these six as the key components of any business. You will find the root cause to any issue among these.

Becoming 100% strong in these six key components is what we implementers do when we help companies implement EOS.

If one or more of these issues are present in your company, allow me to give you 90 minutes of my time to explain how EOS will change your life by helping you execute your strategy at a higher level than you ever have before.

Photo Credit: Fritzhayek

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