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Tribes – a leadership opportunity

By January 4, 2009 No Comments

I just finished reading Tribes by Seth Godin. It is not a marketing book, at least not in the traditional sense. It’s the first of his books that I have read. I will read more. This is a book about leadership!

Seth posits that besides fear and laziness there really isn’t any reason not to do something new and to lead a tribe of similarly minded people.

The technology is here for the using – all the social media tools are free – at least some version of them. WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. wikis, FriendFeed, Squidoo, etc. This is a real life case that if you build they will come – that is if what you have to say and do is of value, creates value, adds value.

Leadership is about having the courage to go against the status quo, to follow your own path, to follow a drummer with a different beat or perhaps I should say, beat your drum differently.

You won’t know if you can be a leader of one, of many, in your company or in your country – unless you try.

For we sales people and consultants, this is a simple translation for us – how can we do things differently from our competitors? What new service can we offer?

Seth wrote a blog on January 2nd about something else we can do differently – Change your pricing. He talks about those who have done so already – like NetFlix and those that could.

Successful sales people are great leaders; so are the best consultants. They suggest different ways to look at common problems. They view things from their customers point of view. Most importantly they add value to each interaction or transaction they are a part of throughout their careers. They are not afraid to challenge the companies they work for to look at customers and markets differently from the past. This is true even when they are a company of one.

2009 is going to demand that we each of us be leaders or we will fail to do as well as our competitors or as well as we did in past years.

Think about it; go break some glass and close some business,