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By February 11, 2009 2 Comments

Graphic By Matt J McDonald of

Are you having as much trouble  as I am keeping up with the Social Media information flow?  The graphic which simplifies the SM landscape is courtesy of Matt J McDonald, a social media consultant.

I belong to way too many SM sites. I struggle to keep up to-date with a few that I consider key. I am religious about LinkedIn. I am pretty good with Facebook. I am always failing to keep up with my favorite bloggers, like Chris Brogan and Seth Godin. Chris has even gone so far as to define a social media system he uses. I try to do something like that – try is the key word here.

I am definitely struggling with Twitter, which, in my humble opinion, represents one of the most diverse and rich SM source of information. It is not always coherent. It is sometimes trivial and inane. But there are definitely kernels of wheat among the chaff.

I tried tagging the Tweets I liked as favorites but that rapidly overwhelmed me. That system works Just like my RSS feeds, which I never seem to get to read.

Here is my latest method for having a prayer of reading my top Tweets some day.

I use Tweetie as a reader on my iPhone. When I see a tweet I like, I tap on it to open it. I follow the link and read it then and there if I have time. If I don’t, Tweetie allows me to “Mail a Link to this Tweet”; so I do, to myself.

I have an email rule in my desktop email reader to file all such email in a particular folder. So I always know where to find them.

One of two things is now true. I have either a new collection of stuff I don’t read or a treasure trove of information which I can mine. Which is it? Hmmm?

What are the ways you deal with the fire hose which is social media?

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  • Skip Shuda says:

    Ed – I like the breakdown between the lenses, the creation communities and the networking, but I still have the challenge of prioritizing the social media I participate in. One tool that helps me find the best topics to follow is Hubspot’s Hubfeed tool – but I think you need to be a Hubspot subscriber to use. They scour social media sites to find relevant articles/blogposts/threads/etc. to comment on.

  • Jorge Olson says:


    Great article on twitter and I like the graph as well.


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