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What can I do with LinkedIn?

By September 30, 2008 No Comments

What can I do with LinkedIn®? As the lawyers say, – asked and answered. But the question still gets asked everyday. Based on the number of attendees at my seminars and workshops on LinkedIn® the question isn’t going away. And I am just one of many people attempting to respond to the seemingly insatiable appetite professional people have to figure out how to harness LinkedIn®, in particular, and social media, in general. Everyone is trying to figure out how to use it accomplish something useful in either their personal life or business life, and usually in both.

The simplest answer I have seen on the subject comes from LinkedIn® itself. They commissioned CommonCraft to create a video to explain themselves. To make your life easier I have embedded it here. If you can’t see the video below in your browser, you can find it here on YouTube.

Additionally, there are lots of other ways to answer that question. There are books, podcasts, teleseminars and  webinars to name a few. If you google “What Can I Do with LinkedIn” you’ll find all sorts of resources available to you.

Pick one that works for you and get started. If it’s LinkedIn®, just go there and join. There are wizards for everything in LinkedIn®. The keys to success are to build a complete profile and to grow your “trusted” network as quickly as makes sense. There are wizards to help you do just that by tapping into your own electronic contacts list, your former colleagues, and your former classmates.  Once you get north of 50 contacts, and 100 is better, your network will become a powerful business productivity tool for you.

LinkedIn® is my favorite tool for doing my own business development. See my earlier blog entry – “Is Networking the same as Business Development?” You can find it here.