Video Testimonials

Ellie Stang, Founder of Progeny Health started working with Ed Callahan two years ago. Here she discusses how EOS and Ed Callahan helped her improve organization, communication and focus within Progeny Health.

Ellie Stang, Founder of Progeny Health

“EOS is an amazing amazing process, and I highly recommend that you talk to Ed. His years of experience and letting us work though the problems with his EOS guidance has made significant impact in our business.”

Tom Malesic, President at EZMarketing

Eds role as implementor is crucial to success in EOS. Without Ed, building the foundation and teaching us the tools, we would not have had the success in our business that I’ve seen today.”

Michael Sanjek, Integrator at Princeton Air

The entrepreneurial operating system is really an ideal fit for us…We’ve found that with Ed Callahan’s guidance, it’s been easy for us to stay on track and focus on the right things.

Cyndi Tolsma, President at DASHER, Inc.

The adoption of EOS has made us a better team and Ed continues to add value to our quarterly planning and review sessions.

Jeff Stello, President and CEO at MATCOR, Inc.

We have probably accomplished more in the last two years doing EOS than we have for years before that.

Mike Wilmot, CEO, Kathy Wilmot, COO, of Wilmot Modular Structures

I would highly recommend using Ed in coaching you for your business. He’s been very instrumental in helping us improve our business. We’re very thankful for his services.

Peter Marx, President at U.W. Marx Construction Co.

Additional Testimonials

We have been working with Ed for over a year. I interviewed several different coaches with my team and Ed stood out as someone we could relate to while holding us accountable to the EOS model.

Traction was brought into our organization at a pivotal time for us. We were bringing on our 3rd location with many new members on our leadership team all with varying amounts of experience. I’m sure we would not have achieved the success we did without Ed and EOS to keep us focused on the right things

Barry DiMaioPresident Ashley Furniture Homestores Ledgewood, Phillipsburg , Toms River  NJ

Ed Callahan and the EOS platform have enabled my company to get to the next level and made a measurable positive difference in my company and organizational performance.  I was searching for a strategic platform from which to lead my organization as we grew.  Ed provided that solution and more.  The difference in my business since then is remarkable.  In less than two short years, my leadership team is fully engaged and executing on a shared vision.  If you’re looking for a roadmap and system to elevate your team and company, look no further than Ed Callahan and EOS.

Gregory T. Holsinger, President + CEO, U-GRO Learning Centres

Ed infuses the meeting with energy, keeps everyone focused on the objective and he does so without appearing to be rigid or process-bound.  He has the adaptability of a master conductor who can go with the flow while ensuring that individuals contribute their best work and the group reaches its objective for each meeting.

Anik Ganguly, COO, Deque Systems, Inc.

While going through EOS, we have doubled in size, acquired and integrated another equal sized company, and sold to a private equity group.  Ed was there each step of the way, calling us out when he sensed us hedging our bets, absorbing our barbs when we got punchy at 4 PM, and always working to keep it honest and open.

Tom Lawrence, President (retired) at Meta NexGen, Inc., (now MNG Direct)

We were a business that just changed leadership and needed to get everyone headed in the right direct. We have enjoyed a successful turnaround in large part due to Ed’s help and coaching. We all look forward to our quarterly sessions with Ed.

Dennis Sacco Jr., Vice President / Branch Manager, Limbach Company

Ed has been a great resource for our team. His understanding of and commitment to EOS have been invaluable as we work to bring our business to the next level.

He has the right stuff I look for in a good consultant: real world experience, expert knowledge of the subject matter, integrity, authenticity, and a willingness to ask the hard questions.

Steven Neveu, President, Notch Mechanical Constructors, Inc.

Ed helps you help yourself. Ed is a masterful and exciting execution coach; he has helped my business tremendously. We have gone from spinning our wheels to actually moving forward.

If you are serious about growing your business and being your best self Ed Callahan can help.

Nakia Stith, CEO, Top of the Clock

We hired Ed as an EOS Implementer to guide us through an initial strategic planning process as well as follow through. Through the EOS Process, significant differences in our management team surfaced that needed to be dealt with. Ed, through the EOS Process, forced us to deal with the issues and we are a much better company for it.

 Tracy Jarman, CEO, Aquatrols, Inc.

Ed and the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) has allowed DVL to grow our company in a very difficult economy. He showed us how to implement a great management program that keeps our entire company focused on our goals and helps us accomplish them. I would recommend Ed to any company. He will make you a better team.

Mike Beck, CEO, DVL, Inc.

It became clear to me we needed a better way to get our management team on the same page with regard to strategic planning so as to continue to move the company forward.

Ed and EOS have made a tremendous difference in both the present and future of DVL. I would highly recommend anyone with the same concerns meet with Ed to learn more about both he and the EOS program.

Michael Murphy, Chairman, DVL, Inc.

After speaking with Ed and reading TRACTION I quickly understood EOS could add a pivotal piece to my company’s infrastructure, and could give me precious time back to enjoy my family & life…With the necessary systems and processes in place we are now ready to grow once again. Now our future growth will be manageable, reproducible, and I’ll consistently have a pulse on all aspects of my business.

Brian Hall, Owner, President, Rehab1, LLC

EOS has been that system for us and has met and exceeded our expectations helping our team stay focused on solving the most pressing issues that enable us to continue to execute on our plans.  Ed has been very effective in helping our team understand the process and how they can roll this out to the rest of our organization.

Ned Moore, Chairman, CEO, Founder, Portico Systems, Inc.

As a business coach, Ed helped Portico implement best practices around running it’s business more effectively using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (“EOS”). The EOS process excels as an execution focused business management system. Ed is an excellent facilitator and guided our management team as we introduced the EOS concepts into our organization. I would highly recommend Ed’s services for any growth company that is searching for an effective process that is easily understood and embraced by all levels of employees.
Mark Pollock, CFO, Portico Systems, Inc.

Ed is passionate about helping. From a strong background in business and sales, he skillfully applies himself to strengthening business leadership teams and their organizations. He is also quick to help and collaborate with his fellow colleagues at EOS Worldwide. Ed is open and honest, always learning and always stepping in to help advance others.

Don Tinney, Owner, VP EOS Worldwide, LLC