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Xobni – an Outlook companion

By September 1, 2009 No Comments

I haven’t written about a productivity tool in awhile.  Xobni is a tool I have been using for about six months and I like it.

If you are an Outlook user then Xobni might be right for you.

If you haven’t guessed what Xobni stands for yet – its Inbox backwards.

The search box in the top of the 1st graphic does a email search for terms you enter. No more having to remember where you filed the email about xyz.

Xobni then displays your Outlook record for the sender of the email you are currently on in your Outlook Inbox. It displays emails and phone numbers and skype information if you tell it to do so.

What I particularly like is the indexing to two of the most popular social networks for a profile for the person in question,- LinkedIn and Facebook. It also can check Hoovers which doesn’t do much for me but must have been interesting for an early client of Xobni. I leave mine set to LinkedIn. I can click through all the options if I desire.

Screen Capture of 1/2 of the Xobni UI

Screen Capture of 1/2 of the Xobni UI

The icon to the left of LinkedIn’s icon is for Xobni Actions: currently providing two options. The 1st can search your calendar and send an email with free time to invite the person to a meeting. An additional Xobni plug-in – LetsMeet – is required.

The left most icon in the graphic displays a graph of when you email this person and when they respond. I haven’t found that to be particularly valuable, but you might.

Screen capture of the 2 1/2 of the Xobni UI

Screen capture of the 2 1/2 of the Xobni UI

The 2nd half of the Xobni UI that I display shows me what people I know that are in Audrey’s network as well as what email conversations I have had with her recently and what files I have exchanged with her. Pretty useful.

Xobni does for Outlook what Google does for Gmail naturally – not having to file emails, but always being able to find the one you want.

Are there other tools like this one you are using? I’d love to hear about them.