This post is courtesy of Alex Freytag, a fellow certified EOS Implementer, out of Columbus, Ohio.

One of my clients is trying to decide whether to expand her existing space, which she’ll outgrow in about two years, or buy a large new building (far larger than she needs right now).   She created a matrix of all the positives and the negatives for each option.  As she considers this important decision, she weighs all of these thoughts.  She is consumed by these thoughts.  She can cycle through the polarity of these thoughts at a traffic light; she is in Hell!

In this fast-paced ever-changing environment, it’s critical to think and act like an entrepreneur.  If a decision you need to make is not “Hell Yes”, then it’s “Hell No”.  If we dwell and second-guess on decisions, we find ourselves stuck.  I know people who have been stuck for years on a decision.  Should I move or should I remodel?  Should he sell his company or should he remain independent?  Should he hire that employee or continue along understaffed?

Many of you want to wait until you have 100% of the data before you make a decision. If you don’t feel all the information is in, you wait.  And wait.  The entrepreneur has an 80/20 rule though; and entrepreneurs rarely get stuck in analysis paralysis. In Gino Wickman’s eBook, “Decide!”, he counsels “it is less important what you decide, than it is that you decide…so decide!”  Make your choice and don’t look back.  Life is too short.

Are you in Hell?   If so, download and read Gino’s free eBook for inspiration on getting unstuck.

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