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Do Core Values On a Wall Poster Work?

By February 17, 2015 No Comments

In  EOS parlance, THE SPEECH is a presentation of  Core Values, which describes what it means to be one of the right people for our client companies. It names the values. It explains the values. It tells stories about actual employees living the values and past employees who violated the values. It celebrates the values and makes it clear that living these values is just as important as being good at your job if you want to remain at the company.

We ask the leadership teams of our EOS clients to create THE SPEECH for all leaders to use to reinforce the Core Values with their existing and future employees.

In the case of existing employees we remind our clients to use THE SPEECH often since as human beings we need to hear something seven times before we hear it the first time. For future employees we urge the leadership team to use THE SPEECH during the interviewing process so that the candidate can decide, before joining the company, whether s/he shares the company’s values.

If you are not a great communicator or, like all of us, you can always improve your public speaking, here is an 18 minute TEDx East video of Nancy Duarte, entitled “That Resonates with me!” In it she describes the characteristics of great speech makers. If you can’t see the video below, click here to find it on YouTube. Thanks to Beth Harte and Valeria Maltoni for discovering this video first.

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