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Everyone has a number

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There is tremendous ROI for our clients in the data component of the EOS model when they become 100% strong in it. There are two tools or disciplines in the data component,- the scorecard and measurables. I explained the difference between an EOS scorecard and most other dashboards in this post.

Then there is the discipline of measurables – of everyone having a number. Everyone should have at least one meaningful number which  makes it clear as to what’s expected of them and whether they are doing their job well. Their number may or may not make it to a team or department scorecard, but usually it does.

In his book Traction: Get A Grip On Your Business, Gino Wickman makes the point that all jobs can have a number with the story of the founder and chairman of a large Michigan mortgage company explaining to his EO group that everyone in his company has a number, even his receptionist. Hers was two, as in, “two rings good, three rings bad.”

If you want to know why EOS advocates measurable numbers, read, or reread, Chapter Five in Traction, pages 123 to 125. Gino’s key points are listed next. He explains them in detail in the book.

  1. Numbers cut through murky subjective communication between manager and direct reports.
  2. Numbers create accountability.
  3. Accountable people appreciate numbers.
  4. Numbers create clarity and commitment.
  5. Numbers create competition.
  6. Numbers produce results.
  7. Numbers create teamwork.
  8. You solve problems faster.

If you want to drive accountability and traction in your company, try giving everyone at least one number. You will love the results.

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