EOSI CoachRecently I became the EOS Worldwide Implementer Coach. This responsibility occupies about half my time, the other half of my time is devoted to building my Certified EOS Implementer practice and working with my EOS clients. As the EOS Worldwide Implementer Coach I report to Don Tinney, the EOS Worldwide Integrator.

Don did a wonderful thing in preparing me for this responsibility. He made it exceedingly clear what his expectation were for me this role. He did so by creating a simple document which succinctly tied together the roles and responsibilities of the seat with the annual outcomes expected of the seat and he documented the activities he expected to be performed by me, including the frequency of the activity.

This is not an official EOS document, but it neatly links several  EOS  concepts like the Accountability Charts and Scorecards. [See an earlier blogpost about what a Scorecard is here and see a post about what an Accountability Chart is here.] It serves as a bridge between the traditional job description document, that most companies create when seeking to hire someone, with the responsibilities and expectations for that job.

How many surprises could be avoided if every hiring manager took the job description, which may have been prepared by HR or someone else, and created a document like this for everyone who worked for him? It would be  helpful to do this not only for external hires, but for internal promotions as well or even for existing employees who may not have clarity about their current roles.

Imagine sitting down with all your direct reports in one on one meetings for 30 minutes and jointly developing this document. Voila! Their seat is immediately relevant to your department scorecard. You both can decide which of these activities goes on the scorecard and which the employee will track for herself such that she independently knows how great a job she is doing.

If you can’t read the graphic easily, click on it to see a full size version.

Document credit: EOS Worldwide Integrator, Don Tinney


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